What Others are Saying

Michelle Sklaver has been my twin daughters College Prep Coach and Mentor since October 2013. She has seriously coached both of them with their high school goals, college goals, and choices of future colleges. She has encouraged my girls to improve their grades in high school because it will make a difference to where they are accepted to college. Michelle reached out to my girls by truly listening to them and then gaining their trust to advise them on numerous situations. She always took the time to thoroughly meet the goals of each session. I observed my girls' self confidence improve throughout the year. When I had questions or concerns, Michelle responded right back to me! Michelle will be working closely with my daughters to ensure that they are accepted to the colleges that meet their career choices. This is an extremely exciting time for my family! I highly recommend Michelle Sklaver as a College Prep Coach and Mentor.

Adrien Diaz - Parent

Dear Michelle: I can only say "thank you". You have helped us in understanding the world of college planning. I know our journey is not over yet but you've made it a lot easier. But I think the best thing you have done is the work with my son. You have taken a lost wanderer and put him on a path that can take him to success. You truly have a connection with younger adults that sometimes parents can't reach. I only wish I would have started with you earlier. I know he looks forward to your meetings and I will have no hesitation in recommending your services to my family, friends, and clients.

Sandy Hames - Parent

Jon Hames - Student

Dear Michelle: I am so encouraged that a person of your knowledge and passion for what you do has been a part of our family. Your work with my grandson in an ongoing process is significant in his educational plan and future success in his college years and beyond. Your ability to follow up, research endlessly for the right colleges, and manner in which you work with my grandson as he sorts out his college options is such a weight off my daughter's shoulders as you guide him to a place where he will be most successful. It is easy to recommend you to anyone I know who needs assistance sorting out the maze of the next steps toward a bright future in education. Much appreciation!!

Eileen Gauthier - Grandparent



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