Meet Michelle

My coaching sessions are the perfect solution for teens that are stuck in some aspect of their lives and need a boost in pursuing their dreams.

I went through a period of mediocrity in High School, until one day I decided that I wanted more. I wanted to excel. I went to the University of Southern California, double-majored, and then went on to make excellent money by the time I was just 25. I know what students are going through, the pressures they face, and the temptations and decisions at every corner. That is why I decided to become a certified Life Coach, to share my experiences getting into a top tier school, as well as my passion for helping people realize and achieve their goals. I graduated from USC in 2007, so I can still relate to college-bound students, but I am in a unique position to help them since I am just a few steps ahead.

My sessions are not therapy, counseling or consulting; they are for the healthy, well-functioning person who is simply a bit stuck. Whether clients want to get through classes easier, get clarity on college decisions, or understand why they feel self-conscious meeting new friends, I can help. I am here to help teens who can simply use a little extra support, teens who want to push new boundaries, and teens who want to achieve their dreams.

My philosophy as a life coach is that my clients know what is best for them, even if they haven’t surfaced this knowledge yet. My role is to bring this wisdom to light and to help them take action on it, never to direct, judge or impose my agenda onto their life.

September 3, 2014

“Dear Michelle: I can only say "thank you". You have helped us in understanding the world of college planning. I know our journey is not over yet but you've made it a lot easier. But I think the best thing you have done is the work with my son. You have taken a lost wanderer and put him on a path that can take him to success. You truly have a connection with younger adults that sometimes parents can't reach. I only wish I would have started with you earlier. I know he looks forward to your meetings and I will have no hesitation in recommending your services to my family, friends, and clients. ”

Sandy Hames - Parent



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