How It Works

My program is a unique fusion of Life Coaching, College & Career Planning, and Mentoring for college-bound students…

This holistic approach is phenomenal because students perform better in school and put more passion into their future planning when their home, social, and personal lives are satisfactory. Career personality assessments, college research, picking the right class schedule in school, and organizational skills are often part of our coaching sessions. However, as a Life Coach, I address the client’s life as whole.

Determine Direction

Faced with weighty decisions, pressure, and overwhelming possibility, many young adults struggle to understand what they actually want. In coaching sessions I work one-on-one with clients to help them uncover their true goals, aspirations, and dreams.

“Michelle asked questions that got me thinking, but allowed me to come to the answers myself. She is an awesome coach!”

-Kevin B.

Develop Strategies

Clients figure out achievable, actionable steps that will lead them to their goals. My role, as a life coach, is to bring this wisdom to light and to help them take action on it, never to direct, judge or impose my agenda onto their lives. Clients leave each session with a clear plan for success in the short-term and the long-term.

“Talking to Michelle was so helpful. She has an easy-going personality and understands the situation. Working out my concerns about the future was enjoyable and left me feeling relaxed and in control.”

- Hope W.

Turn Dreams Into a Reality

Armed with a clear vision for the future and an action plan to get there, clients set out to achieve their highest aspirations. When you help an adolescent achieve a sense of purpose from their own making and the skills for success, they can do just about anything they set their sights on.

“Michelle has the ability to build rapport with teens that allows them to open up and find their own wisdom. Along the way, Michelle provides insight where necessary to keep the coaching moving in a positive direction. These abilities make her an ideal resource for parents that want to help their college bound teen succeed.”

- John B.

Who is a Good Fit For Coaching?

A struggling student who lacks motivation.
A star student with talent, but no direction.
A freshman in high school preparing for the future.
A recent college graduate wondering: “what’s next?”

September 11, 2014

“Dear Michelle: I am so encouraged that a person of your knowledge and passion for what you do has been a part of our family. Your work with my grandson in an ongoing process is significant in his educational plan and future success in his college years and beyond. Your ability to follow up, research endlessly for the right colleges, and manner in which you work with my grandson as he sorts out his college options is such a weight off my daughter's shoulders as you guide him to a place where he will be most successful. It is easy to recommend you to anyone I know who needs assistance sorting out the maze of the next steps toward a bright future in education. Much appreciation!!”

Eileen Gauthier - Grandparent

My coaching sessions are the perfect solution for teens that are stuck in some aspect of their lives and need a boost in pursuing their dreams.

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