How often do clients have coaching sessions?

Clients typically have sessions once per week.

How are clients billed for their sessions?

Clients pay their fees monthly before the coaching month begins, which varies depending on the enrollment date.

How long do clients typically participate in the program?

There are a wide variety of coaching packages available to fit the individualized needs of our clients. Packages typically range anywhere from three to nine months in length. However, most clients end up engaging with coaching longer than the initial package. A lot of clients grow to love the results of coaching and want to continue to push themselves to new heights, even after their initial goals have been achieved.

How are sessions conducted?

We meet with clients over Skype (or similar software) or in-person. If we are within a reasonable distance of one another, the client may request in-person meetings.

What role do parents play?

The role of parents should be to initiate the coaching relationship between myself and their teen and be present during initial consultations. However, the weekly coaching sessions must be left between the teen-client and me for full effectiveness. Teen-clients must have the space to be completely opened during sessions, and this is not always comfortable when parents are present.

I am ready to begin! What will contribute to optimal success with the program?

We will get further, faster if we are all in agreement as to goals for coaching, voice up front thoughts and concerns about coaching, and understand the commitment and expectations of the coaching process. It is okay and normal for teen-clients to be apprehensive at first, but they must be at least opened to the coaching process and show up for their sessions on time and focused.



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